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LCWD Receives $1.4 Million Grant for Wastewater System Upgrade and Energy Efficiency Project

Linda County Water District’s wastewater treatment plant upgrade project, along with five other projects, received grant funding from the Department of Water Resources. The grant was made possible through the District's engagement with the Yuba Integrated Regional Water Management Planning Group, and Yuba Water Agency is the fiscal agent. 

The principal goal of the Project is to address near and long-term impacts of climate change by upgrading the wastewater plant’s aeration system, investigating possible grit removal systems, improving solids waste handling and disposal, and improving the plant’s ability to manage high and variable flows. The intended outcomes and benefits of the Project include an increased capacity to process wastewater volume, use of cost-effective and innovative wastewater processing measures, system upgrades that will improve functionality and increase system expected lifespan, improved energy efficiency, decreased operations costs, and a reduction in environmental impacts, including those caused by climate change.